Society tells us to wear makeup and pay closer attention to our outward appearance in order to feel confident. But I’ve come to discover that doing the exact opposite actually makes us more confident.

This discovery happened in September of 2019 when I decided I was done with makeup. I picked up all the makeup products I had and threw it in the trash can.

Some of you probably gasped while reading that, but for me, that was my first step to becoming confident.

I knew that keeping the makeup around or giving it to a friend would lead to temptation, so I decided to throw it away. It was definitely a punishment to myself by throwing what I had spent so much money on, but at the same time, it was a lesson. A lesson that taught me to be more careful about my spending habits.

Anyway, during the time when I quit wearing makeup, I started to learn a few things about beauty as well as how women equate it with confidence. And this discovery was shocking to me.

It was sad to learn that I had spent all my years working on my outward appearance to gain confidence when in fact confidence was sitting right next to me the entire time. Most importantly, It was daunting to know that I had locked my identity in what the world had to say about beauty instead of what I felt was right about beauty.

Knowing these truths did eventually change my perspective on how I see the beauty industry, now I can say I’m more confident in my own skin now than I’ve ever been before.

5 Things I Learned When I Quit Wearing Makeup

i quit wearing makeup

  • Beauty is Temporary

Just like everything else, beauty too is fleeting. What we consider beautiful and trendy now will someday fade away to become bland and boring.

I remember back in the days when smaller lips were considered attractive. Being a black woman myself with full lips, I used to feel very insecure about it. However, these days, that’s no longer the case as full lips have now become more trendy.

  • Confidence is not outward

For a long time, I believed confidence was an outward appearance thing. I caked my face up, wore the sexiest dress available and even rocked my high stiletto shoes thinking it will make me more confident. Yet, I couldn’t understand why I was still so insecure even with all the compliments I received on my appearance.

It wasn’t until I realized that confidence was more internal than external that I started to work on those insecurities.

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  • Natural beauty is beauty

In the past, I was so insecure about my natural beauty. I honestly believed I wasn’t beautiful and felt the need to always put makeup on. This wrong belief of mine came as a result of the media praising lighter skin tones.

I thank God that I’ve finally reached a place of accepting my natural beauty. These days, I wear my natural beauty with pride, knowing that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • My skin issues reveal my health issues

Since I always covered my acne scarring and pimples with makeup, I never had the time to really figure out the culprit of my skin issues.

Although my acne sometimes came as a result of the products I wore on a regular basis, it turns out a lot of the other skin issues I had came as a result of my poor diet.

Thankfully, going makeup-free helped me fully address my poor eating habits, which eventually led me to consider going vegan.

  • Saving money is essential 

Okay, for the girls in the expensive seats who spend half their paychecks on makeup, this one is for you.

Listen, saving money is essential !!

It’s crazy how much money we spend yearly on makeup. In fact, it’s even crazier how makeup industries fool us into buying new products that are literally similar to previous releases.

Yet, at the end of the day, we still give in to their schemes, believing that newer is always better.

It’s about time we start saving for the future instead of spending tons of money on makeup releases.

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Do you want to quit wearing makeup temporarily? If so, let me know your reasons in the comments below. 

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